Special Event Information

Special Events Application Information - Updated January 2023

The special event application has become one with the University Event Registration Committee (UERC) application effective January 2023.  For IU schools, departments, and offices, please follow the steps below to submit your event application. The application will be reviewed by multiple departments including the UERC, IU Indianapolis campus stakeholders such as campus facility services, event services, purchasing, and campus leadership. You will receive updates via email regarding status and approval.

The event organizer will need to complete the IU Indianapolis Special Event Application which is also known as the University Event Registration Committee (UERC) application.  

All conferences, events, and programs with 50 or more participants must submit this application for review and approval. These rules apply to all IU-sponsored conferences and events, regardless of location (both on and off campus).  Additionally, these rules apply to any external organization holding an event on IU property. 

The Special Event Application is Completed in 3 Steps


Find and Request an Event Space on Campus. 


Complete the IU Event Registration UERC Application based on Affiliation

IU/IU Indianapolis school, center, and other departmental event organizers complete the UERC application.

UERC Application

External event organizers complete the External Special Event Application.  Please note, external organizers do not need to complete step 3.

External Special Event Application

Student organization event coordinators must use the University Event Registration Committee (UERC) application and The Spot to register for events.  All student organization event application process questions should be directed to the CUBE at stuact@iu.edu or call 317-274-8477 for assistance.


Complete the UERC IU Indianapolis Special Events Addendum

Once the UERC application is submitted, the UERC IU Indianapolis Special Events Addendum needs to be completed. This addendum is for IU/IU Indianapolis schools, centers, and other departmental event organizers only.  It is not to be completed for events coordinated by student organizations or non-IU event coordinators. 

Please note the UERC application will not be approved until the addendum is completed.   See The Event Application and Review Process section for further information. 


Also please note this form will be transitioned to FireForm in the coming months and will be compatible with multiple browser types. Until that time, it is advised you complete this form using Google Chrome.

UERC Addendum